[geeklog-devel] Summer is coming

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Jan 18 14:15:39 EST 2009

So now that we know that the Google Summer of Code is going to happen
again this year, it's about time we get our act together.

Given that the GSoC will be downsized somewhat (meaning less projects
than last year), our application has to be top notch this time.

As we know, the list of ideas is very important. So let's have a look at it:


There's a bunch of ideas there already. Are they still relevant? Do they
need to be reviewed or rewritten? What about additional ideas? Better
add them early.

Also, by the time that Google will make the decision on which projects
will take part (mid March, if we go by last year's timeline), I'd like
to see a story on the geeklog.net front page that mentions Summer of
Code. Preferrably, an announcement of Geeklog 1.6.0 that includes the
accomplishments of last year's GSoC.

So can we get a 1.6.0 beta out until then? And the finished version
before the start of the coding period (really this time)?

I would think so.

The first stop is 1.5.2, but that is already pretty much finished. The
only important issue left is the problem with COM_makeClickableLinks.
Sami already has a patch for that and it should land in our Mercurial
repository soon (Sami?). Then it's only a short release cycle (1.5.2rc1,
followed by the final release a week or two later), if all goes well.

So, 1.6.0: Matt's GSoC project is all there and working. Some loose ends
to finish (see my RFC posts), but nothing that can't be solved until March.

The other two GSoC projects are missing completely, though. Randy /
Sami? Mike / Jared? What's the plan?

Also, there are over 70 open issues in our bugtracker. The ones that are
currently scheduled for 1.6.0 can be seen on the "Roadmap" page.

Are those the most important issues to implement for 1.6.0? Are there
other issues in the bugtracker that are more important? I'd be willing
to sacrifice almost anything if it helps us to get a 1.6.0 out in time.

Everybody (users and developers): Please make use of the bugtracker.
Indicate interest in issues to be resolved. Check for comments made to
issues you may have reported. Report new issues.

And finally, an early call for mentors: Who's interested in mentoring a
student? Help them see things the Geeklog Way, bring another round of
useful features and, hopefully, another couple of permanent members to
the Geeklog community. Please apply within :-)

bye, Dirk


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