[geeklog-devel] Crediting translators by a link

Lior2 lwc4nwo at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 10:00:43 EST 2009

Other CMSes allow translators to supply a link in the footer. So if you 
enter a CMS enabled site (well, at least non English ones), you 
frequently see a "translated by" link alongside the "powered by" one. 
That way, the casual surfer knows who allowed the site to be in the 
language it's currently in. It's just like we want the casual surfer to 
know which CMS made the site possible in the first place and perhaps use 
it for their own site.

I see translations as sort of plugins. It takes a lot of work to translate 
and a translator is expected (at least by him/herself) not to ruin a new 
upgrade (that could have no further upgrade in a long time) by not 
translating in time for the release. While plugins also cannot touch the 
footer, they are able to inject code after all, so they can just inject 
footers of their own, like Media Gallery does. Theme makers have even 
greater power. They can control the official footer directly (or leave 
their links elsewhere).

My suggestion is 3 strings:
$_EXAMPLE = array(
'translator_link' => true,
'translator_url' => 'http://...', // or 'mailto:...'
'translator_name' => 'Name of site/translator'

Then the footer would include this:

if ($_EXAMPLE['translator_link']) {
  $translator_link = COM_buildUrl($_EXAMPLE['translator_url']);
  $translator_link = COM_createLink($translator_link, 
    $footer->set_var( 'translated_by', $translator_link);

Please share your opinions. Note that translators who will rather use 
mailto can use protective javascript like in this mailing list (or maybe 
have Geeklog use protective javascript itself if it spots the term 

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