[geeklog-devel] Demo site option?

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Jan 24 11:10:07 EST 2009

Seeing that there are quite a few Geeklog demo sites out there now and
given the fact that we're adding more and more "dangerous" features (PHP
in static pages, plugin upload, ...), I was wondering if it wouldn't be
a good idea to have an option to switch a site into a demo mode that
doesn't allow using those features.

That option would obviously have to go into the siteconfig.php and not
into the config GUI.

What should be included? Should this be a binary option (enable demo
mode? yes/no) or should it have a list of possible options to disable?

At the very least, it should disable

- PHP in static pages
- plugin uploads (as of 1.6.0)

What about features that could be used for spam, e.g.

- trackbacks
- sending emails


bye, Dirk


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