[geeklog-devel] crediting translators by a link

LWC geeklog.nwo at neverbox.com
Mon Jan 26 06:01:42 EST 2009

>I wonder if those couldn't be confused with translating the content of 
the site. At least that's what I would assume when seeing such a note.
Not at all, because multilingual CMS sites are the exception. I only meant single language sites, such as http://www.thesnake.co.il

Anyway, I do not think it's pretty easy to find who made what, except plugins which have a list. Translations specifically are only found if there was a reason to upload them between releases. Unless more subscribers here show support for the original request, I guess I have an alternate request: make a list of newest languages/translators (e.g. Chinese - v1.5.1 - by ...).

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