[geeklog-devel] Crediting translators by a link

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Jan 25 17:24:29 EST 2009

Vincent Furia wrote:

>I don't think that it is necessary or a particullary fair idea.
>Translators are an important part of the team that creates Geeklog,
>but so are the coders, the documentors, and the forum contributors. In
>fact, everyone who contributes to Geeklog is an important part of the
>community. The Geekog link in the footer is meant to be recognition of
>everyone's efforts. There simply isn't room in the footer for everyone
>to put their own byline (and still have a reasonable footer).

Thanks, Vinny. That's exactly my position on this as well.

I realize everybody would like to see their name in the light, so to
speak, and we do try our best to give proper credit where due. But in
the end, there's only room (in the footer) to give credit to the
community as a whole.

The translators are an important part of that community, of course, and
if someone's interested in who made, say, the Hebrew translation, then
that is easy to find out (or so I would think).

>> Other CMSes allow translators to supply a link in the footer. So if you
>> enter a CMS enabled site (well, at least non English ones), you
>> frequently see a "translated by" link alongside the "powered by" one.

To be honest, I've never noticed this. I remember seeing references to
theme authors, e.g. on Wordpress sites, but not for translators. Got an

I wonder if those couldn't be confused with translating the content of
the site. At least that's what I would assume when seeing such a note.

>> and a translator is expected (at least by him/herself) not to ruin a new
>> upgrade (that could have no further upgrade in a long time) by not
>> translating in time for the release.

What do you mean by that? We have several translations that haven't been
updated in a while. They do work, though - they're just not translated
entirely, so some of the texts will show up in English. I don't think
that counts as "ruining" anything. And there's always the option to
upload new translations to geeklog.net

bye, Dirk


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