[geeklog-devel] Suggestion: simple mode

Euan McKay info at heatherengineering.com
Wed Jan 28 08:21:39 EST 2009

Thanks for the comments.

I agree with Vinny that this could be done with templates - that is
how I usually end up hacking things to achieve what I want. My
suggestion would be to have two templates, one showing all options for
advanced users and admins, and the other showing less options for less
IT-savvy users. This could be a single choice in the user's
preferences: simple or advanced interface. Then, any plugin/feature
supporting that option could choose the template to use from that

This would also satisfy Tom's requirement that admins have full access
to all features.

A permissions-based solution would be too complicated and
time-consuming to create, as Dirk noted.

While I would like to see this, maybe it is part of a wider issue of
usability and interface design? Perhaps it would be better to have
someone (an SoC student?) working on usability and the interface in


On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 06:25, Dirk Haun <dirk at haun-online.de> wrote:
> the interface to configure this is going to be complicated.
> I agree with the general idea (yours and Joel's). I'm just not sure if
> it works for something like the story editor. Actually, if you do make a
> simple story editor, you end up with the form that normal users get when
> they submit a story.

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