[geeklog-devel] Getting rid of the remains of the PDF generator?

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Mar 1 16:00:24 EST 2009

I stumbled across the never-finished PDF generator code in Geeklog again
today. It was added in June 2004, hasn't really been touched ever since
and never even worked properly in the first place (IIRC, it does convert
an article to a PDF but then gets confused when you call it up again).
Consequentially, it was never included in any Geeklog release.

So unless someone is willing to commit to make it work, I'd suggest to
remove all traces of it from the Mercurial repository.

Actually, if anyone wants the ability to convert articles to PDF, then
it should be possible to implement that as a plugin: Use
PLG_invokeService('story', 'get') to get the article text and
PLG_templateSetVars() to add theme variables to the story templates, so
that you can add your "convert to PDF" link there.


bye, Dirk

P.S. Sorry, Justin - that seems to have been your first contribution to
Geeklog. Nothing personal ;-)


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