[geeklog-devel] Getting started with Geeklog development

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Mar 8 13:54:34 EDT 2009

Aleksandar Scepanovic wrote:

>The biggest
>problem in my opinion is documentation because classes and methods doesn't
>contain detail information about their job...

As I said - it's a start. We have descriptions of most of the
functions / methods that are now getting picked up by phpDocumentor.
What we need to add are introductory paragraphs in each file. lib-
common.php, for example, already has something like this[1].

phpDocumentor also has a way to add more documentation that's not in the
source code but would be mixed into the phpDocumentor output. It would
go where it currently only says "Welcome to Geeklog!" on the index page,
for example.

Now we only need somebody to write all that text ;-)

>Extjs based API documentation can be implemented as PHPDocumentor
>theme and I honestly believe that development will be much easier with
>documentation like this...

Hmm, not sure I understand what Extjs does exactly. Care to explain?

bye, Dirk

[1] <http://project.geeklog.net/src/Geeklog/_public_html---lib-


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