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> Hello everyone,
> *First, a brief introduction about me: *
> I am Saurabh Gupta from India. I am a senior engineering student. I have
> been working for open source projects for a long time and I was a *GSoC
> student in 2008* where I successfully completed my project under the
> organization Openmoko (www.openmoko.org). In 2008 winters, I had my
> internship at *Adobe Inc.* where I worked on the package  management
> system using mysql and sqlite library. I have a long experience in
> programming in C, C++, PHP, Python and other languages. Currently, my final
> year project at university is about the automatic data logging system in
> which I am working upon socket programming in C++,  PHP, MYSQL and setting
> up an intra-college website using LAMP.
> *About Geeklog, GSoC 2009
> *I have downloaded geeklog latest version and set up a site and used its
> features. I have seen the geeklog source code documentation and found the
> work according to my interest and skills.
> I have gone through the ideas posted on geeklog sites for GSoC 2009, and
> got interest in the following:
> *1) Plugin Repository feature:*
> I went through this idea and did some research on it. To implement a plugin
> repository facility to be installed using internet requires some package
> management system along with the dependencies and conflicts resolutions.
> *2) Spam-X modification *
> This idea is also an interesting one and more intelligence can be put to
> the spam filter tool with some known and existing algorithms. Other than
> this, the current issues in spam-X tool can be solved with some more APIs.
> *3) Spam Web of Trust*
> I am currently going through this idea and would come back with some idea
> and method to implement it in the best way.
> I am looking forward to get feedback and suggestions for this and to
> discuss the ideas. I would like to contribute geeklog this summer if I get a
> chance through GSoC. If not, then still, I would remain in contact with the
> community to contribute in the best possible manner I can.

I am available on #geeklog by the name of saurabh1403. So, I would greatly
appreciate if I get some feedbacks and  suggestions  over  there too.

> Thanks,
> --
> Saurabh Gupta
> Senior,
> NSIT,New Delhi, India
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