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On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 3:29 AM, Dirk Haun <dirk at haun-online.de> wrote:

> saurabh gupta wrote:
> >One idea is to implement a trainer for
> >spams and not deleting the spams. Instead if the admin marks a post as
> "not
> >spam" once, the next time, it should detect those kinds of posts as spam.
> >This needs to implement the dynamic trainer for spam-X plugin.
> My gut feeling is that our users won't be willing to spend a lot of time
> training a spam filter. I may be wrong, though, and it seems to sort-of
> work for WordPress and Akismet.

Well, what I thought in this part is that the spam filter will work in its
own way initially, but in case if sometimes  a post is made *spam* by
mistake, then user can mark it as *not spam* (similar to what we have in
gmail) and the spam filter should be intelligent enough to adapt to this and
vice versa. Training will be done automatically.  However, I am thinking
over this part and will tell you to make the spam handling in geeklog more
intelligent and better. Also the idea of representing  the counts of spam
rules used is a good one.

What I am thinking is to make the spam-handling engine as a portable one.
Means, if a user has made a site and for a long time, its spam engine has
evolved and has the statistics also (like the counts of spam filters used,
some blocking keywords for detecting spam and more intelligence). Now, is
that user or another one makes another site using geeklog, then he has the
option to use the same spam intelligence in the new site. The information
can be made portable by storing in some database or xml file. A nice GUI can
also be created which will simply take the source site and the destination
site and merge the intelligence of spam-engine together.

Suggestions and comments are welcome.

> But the first step here would be to have a submission queue into which
> posts can be put when their status is not clear. And that's part of the
> project, as outlined on the wiki.
> >One more idea which I discussed with Trinity is to develop a plug-in to
> move
> >the stories and articles into plug-in.
> Yeah, that's Trinity's pet project ... To be honest, I am not currently
> interested in doing this.

All right. Idea skipped :)

> bye, Dirk
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