[geeklog-devel] Google Summer of Code 2009: Geeklog

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Fri Mar 13 14:49:53 EDT 2009

saurabh gupta wrote:

>What I am thinking is to make the spam-handling engine as a portable one.
>Means, if a user has made a site and for a long time, its spam engine has
>evolved and has the statistics also (like the counts of spam filters used,
>some blocking keywords for detecting spam and more intelligence). Now, is
>that user or another one makes another site using geeklog, then he has the
>option to use the same spam intelligence in the new site.

Forgot to comment on this bit: I like that idea - it should probably be
added to the Spam-X ideas page. "Intelligence" or not, there should be a
way to port your Spam-X data over to another site, since you will
usually have to deal with the same sort of spammer there again.

I think someone wrote an extension that allowed them to export the Spam-
X data from one site via a RSS feed and import it there again. Should be
in the download section on geeklog.net somewhere.

bye, Dirk


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