[geeklog-devel] Introducing the Plugin Toolkit featuring the Plugin Generator

Euan McKay info at heatherengineering.com
Mon Mar 16 20:14:21 EDT 2009

>>I imagine having the sql files in there would be good too.
> Yep. I just wasn't sure what to put into them. A table definition with a
> dummy field?

I imagined something like

$_SQL[] = "
CREATE TABLE {$_TABLES['foobar']} (
  id varchar(40) NOT NULL,
  title varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  owner_id mediumint(8) unsigned NOT NULL default '1',
  group_id mediumint(8) unsigned NOT NULL default '1',
  perm_owner tinyint(1) unsigned NOT NULL default '3',
  perm_group tinyint(1) unsigned NOT NULL default '2',
  perm_members tinyint(1) unsigned NOT NULL default '2',
  perm_anon tinyint(1) unsigned NOT NULL default '2',

Or at most, a title and a description (text) field.

Also, one line of dummy data.

>>Also, what
>>about adding sample list/edit/save/delete functions for the admin
>>page, for a standard table that includes just an id column and a
>>single data column? Then beginners could see exactly how to start.
> I was wondering: Should it rather add more code and files that you can
> remove when you don't need it? Or should it ask you lots of questions
> (do you want autotag support? do you need search? etc.) and only add the
> code that you requested?

If it is possible, I think that having the generator script add only
the code sections that are needed would be great. I guess these would

sample admin functions (edit/save/delete/list)
sample user functions (list/show individual item)
user delete
what's new
sample phpblock

Any others?

>>A suggestion not really related to the generator script: can search
>>and syndication code go the way of install/uninstall in the plugins,
>>and be handled by the Geeklog core?
> Sounds like a good idea. I'm not up to speed on the search API changes
> in 1.6, maybe Sami can fill us in here?
> I'll have a look at the syndication API on occasion.
> Oh, and don't forget to file feature requests (also for the Plugin
> Toolkit) so we don't forget about it.

Done. Looking at the stats code, that could be done this way too.

By the way, I didn't see 1.6 as an option for target version.



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