[geeklog-devel] Introducing the Plugin Toolkit featuring the Plugin Generator

Sami Barakat furiousdog at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 17:09:29 EDT 2009

>> >A suggestion not really related to the generator script: can search
>> >and syndication code go the way of install/uninstall in the plugins,
>> >and be handled by the Geeklog core?
>> Sounds like a good idea. I'm not up to speed on the search API changes
>> in 1.6, maybe Sami can fill us in here?

The majority of the searching is handled by the core as of 1.6. The
plugins return the SQL query to the core. The query will then be
expanded by adding limits and order by clauses, then be executed. All
the results are collected into a single results set and displayed. The
documentation for the new search API can be found here:

I have not had a chance to look into the plugin toolkit yet but I'm
sure the example at the bottom of the wiki page can be used as an

>> I'll have a look at the syndication API on occasion.
> I think this is a great idea provided it can overridden if a plugin wants to
> handle search or syndication itself. For instance, if a plugin uses mysql's
> fulltext search.

Fulltext searching has been accommodated into the new API, refer to
the Wiki on how to use it. But the fulltext search methods may not be
enabled until 1.6.1 as it would be better to fully iron out all the
issues with the current release. There are no major issues with the
fulltext feature as it stands at the moment, but from some online
reading I have discovered that updating large databases to fulltext
can be troublesome...


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