[geeklog-devel] [geeklog-spam] Google Summer of Code 2009: Geeklog

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Mar 22 06:46:29 EDT 2009

saurabh gupta wrote:

>(a brief overview):

Looks like a good start for an application to me :-)

>Both spam-X and SWOT ideas can be merged to some extent in this summer
>and the above features and  some more can be added as time permits.

As I said, I'm fine with merging the two projects if you can convince us
that it's doable during the summer (possibly by leaving out a few things
here and there).

>However, from my experience, I feel that making the site more admin
>and user friendly is more important.


>If we can bring more intelligence to the
>spam-X, then it will ease the life a lot.

To be honest, I'm a bit skeptical about this whole "intelligence" idea.
Not because I consider it a bad idea, but more because this sounds like
it could already take up a lot of time. The mechanisms we currently use
in Spam-X are mostly very dumb and simple. Any "intelligence" is handled
by external services (e.g. SLV). And it seems to work remarkably well, IMHO.

>For example, whenever a comment is posted and it is a spam according
>to the user. Now, we can provide a separate button along with each
>post which says "Mark as spam". Now, after clicking on this, user will
>get the option for on what basis it can be a spam post.

That sounds useful (and shouldn't require a lot of intelligence ...).

>If necessary, any security feature can be added which will
>not allow any one to import the spam-X feed without the permission of

Yes, please.

>a days, I can't devote my full time in this because of my college's
>mid-semester exams going on.

As a general note: We know that the schedule of students outside the US
may not align with the summer break on US universities and that they may
not be fully available during the coding period (May 23 - August 17).
Please include such information in your application. The end date is
fixed, but we should be able to move the start date around and give you
time off for exams etc. where necessary.

bye, Dirk


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