[geeklog-devel] GSoC Question about OpenID project

Salvador González Salas Duhne yo at salvadorgzz.com
Tue Mar 24 16:48:54 EDT 2009

Hello, my name is Salvador Gonzalez and I am from Monterrey, Mexico.
I study Computer Engineering, and I'm in my 3rd year. This is my first  
applying on GSoC. I've always made sure I have a coding work during the
summer, and I've also worked on smaller projects in between summers.
However this would be my first time working on a open source project and
I'm very excited about it.

The project I'm most interested in is implementing OpenID 2.0  
I have used OpenID for a couple of school projects for checking login
information, and I think it would be great if I could work on it for  
although I have never worked on the Provider side.

I just would like to ask what is the benefit of having a OpenId library
that does Provider and Client? Would it be possible to first work on
a library for the Client side just to get Geeklog to work with OpenID
2.0 as a mini-project, and after it work on getting Geeklog to act as a

As a side question I would like to see if anyone can help me understand
better what the main challenges of building such a Provider library
would be. I have looked at the OpenID standard and read as much as
possible, and while it sure seems like a lot of code, what I'm worried  
are difficulties on a conceptual level. Time I will have plenty and I  
challenges, but if anyone knows of a specially hard task you think I  
have problems with finishing, I would like to know more about it. See if
I could do it without wasting anybody's time.

Thanks a lot!
Salvador Gonzalez
P.S. I've downloaded the code and am looking at the bug-tracker, it was
a great idea of you to get students to know the code, and hopefully I  
submit some fix on time so you get to know mine.

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