[geeklog-devel] Feedback on 1st draft of OpenID 2.0 support GSoC proposal

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Wed Mar 25 17:13:36 EDT 2009

Evgeniy Mikhaylov wrote:

>My name is Evgeniy and I am from Russia.

Hi there and welcome :)

>I am looking for any sort of feedback about my proposal. I haven't
>experience with writing such kind of documents, so i would appreciate
>any feedback on it

Let's see:

>* 5 weeks to implement llibrary.

Would this include support for the Provider part? That's not entirely
clear since your suggesting to implement that later in the project. You
may also want to re-evaluate this estimation regarding what I just wrote in

>PHP4/PHP5. Exact version of PHP will be defined later during community
>bounding period i guess. My vote is for PHP5, because it has better OOP
>support than 4th version. Also Dirk mentioned that sometime geeklog will
>drop support of PHP4.x.

Since this a relatively isolated, non-vital feature and the task is hard
enough, I don't see a need to support PHP 4 any more. Compare with the
Webservices (AtomPub), which are also only available with PHP 5 for
pretty much the same reasons.

>Unfortunately right now Gl doesn't have test suites so i should take
>into account probable changes in testing framework.

The test framework project would come to mind (should that happen and be
successful). But sticking with the idea of making this library
explicitly _not_ depend on Geeklog, I'd suggest using PHPUnit from the start.

>it will include a lot of "diving into specs" sessions. On the other
>there are several open sources libraries which can be used as a reference.

Just make sure not to take too much inspiration from them or we may have
the license issue again that this library was supposed to solve in the
first place. This should really be used as a last resort - try to do a
"clean room" implementation as much as possible.

Okay, the proposal is short, but then again the task is pretty much
clear cut. You may want to review it to take into account what I wrote above.

I'd like to see a few words convincing us that you're the right one for
the task and that you won't let us down by dropping out of the project
half-way through. Be creative ;-)

bye, Dirk


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