[geeklog-devel] GL zip/tar plugin install

Randy Kolenko Randy.Kolenko at nextide.ca
Mon Nov 16 18:11:16 EST 2009

> Just checking: 7zip at least can create its own format (.7z) - it's
> one of those?

Nope.. that's why I mentioned that I used vista zip and winrar to double
check.  It's a valid zip.. I tried to tar.gz it even.. same result.

> What's the handler it's trying to call? I.e. $handler
> That should probably go into the error message to make debugging
> ...
> bye, Dirk

$tmp = $archive->getlist(); // Grab the contents of the tarball to see
what the plugin name is

Is what is failing for me.  However the fact that $archive is never set
in the first place is really the core issue here.

So, just seeing if anyone else is having an issue with this.  It would
have been great if there was a test archive install package available.

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