[geeklog-devel] Autotags help?

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Nov 22 14:39:35 EST 2009

Now that Geeklog 1.6.1 is out, here's a tiny little feature idea for 1.6.2:

With the increasing amount of autotags provided by Geeklog plugins, it's
becoming increasingly difficult to tell what they're actually doing. So
it would be nice if the plugin could provide some help text along with
the autotag's name.

Simple idea: Let the plugin provide a short text and display that as an
HTML title attribute.

For backward compatibility, that information would have to be provided
in the form array('description' => 'autotag'). That's ugly but easily
fixed by array_flip. Something like

    if ($op == 'tagname' ) {
        return array_flip(array('staticpage' => 'Link to a static page',
                                'staticpage_content' => 'Embed content
of a static page')
    } else ...

would then be rendered as, say,

    <span title="Link to a static page">[staticpage:]</span>

Of course, there is only limited space available in a title attribute.
So maybe the plugin should provide a URL to the documentation instead?
Other ideas?

bye, Dirk


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