[geeklog-devel] Online Config Setting question/enhancment

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Tue Sep 29 14:41:52 EDT 2009

Blaine Lang wrote:

(need to read through your example again when I'm not so tired)

>We created the online config manager GUI to be generic and flexible 
>which it has been but there are some issues.
>This would be a good GSOC project to improve the UI but first we need to 
>start documenting use cases and ideas for improving.

Not everything has to be a GSoC project :)

Some other cases where improvements are needed:

The XMLSitemap config also demonstrates the need for relations between
different config sections. For example, after adding a new plugin (under
"Contents of sitemap") you need to save the config first before you can
set the priority and update frequency for the new entry.

bye, Dirk


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