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Samuel Leathers sam at theleathers.net
Thu Apr 1 14:42:35 EDT 2010

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One big question is how much should this be able to scale to? Lets say
the calendar contains 100,000 recurring events, of which, 10 are
actually recurring in the view period the user is looking at. If it's
parsed client side, you would have to send all 100,000 recurring events
to the client, so the client could determine if any are being shown.

Whereas, if it's parsed/cached server side, you would only send those 10
events, plus whatever non-recurring events happen for that time period
the user is viewing.

That being said, this is an intriguing and interesting idea, granted
scaling is limited, and I hadn't even thought of having it parsed client


On 4/1/10 2:27 PM, Anthony Rowles wrote:
> If a user is downloading a calendar side block for the current month,
> and there's a 10 year old weekly meeting in the database, the user would
> either need to download one copy of the recurring event or four
> instances of the event that have been populated into the database. 
> Calculating the recurrence on the fly results in a page size decrease.
> The problem I think you're talking about isn't really with long-lasting
> events, but with infrequently recurring events.  There are definitely
> use cases where this could be a issue - for example, a calendar of all
> employee birthdays for a large company.  A monthly-view side block would
> have to receive every employee's birthday in order to check if any occur
> during that month.  When I wrote some calendar software for a government
> contractor that had to deal with a lot of quarterly and annual reports -
> what I did was flag events with the months they could possibly occur in,
> and use that as an additional filter.  This limits your recurrence
> possibilities somewhat ("every 42 days" would be impossible to
> implement, for example), but it's not a bad trade-off.
> - Tony
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