[geeklog-devel] Calendar Plugin - Recurring Events

Anthony Rowles aqrowles at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 14:27:33 EDT 2010

If a user is downloading a calendar side block for the current month, and
there's a 10 year old weekly meeting in the database, the user would either
need to download one copy of the recurring event or four instances of the
event that have been populated into the database.  Calculating the
recurrence on the fly results in a page size decrease.

The problem I think you're talking about isn't really with long-lasting
events, but with infrequently recurring events.  There are definitely use
cases where this could be a issue - for example, a calendar of all employee
birthdays for a large company.  A monthly-view side block would have to
receive every employee's birthday in order to check if any occur during that
month.  When I wrote some calendar software for a government contractor that
had to deal with a lot of quarterly and annual reports - what I did was flag
events with the months they could possibly occur in, and use that as an
additional filter.  This limits your recurrence possibilities somewhat
("every 42 days" would be impossible to implement, for example), but it's
not a bad trade-off.

- Tony

On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 1:52 PM, Joe Mucchiello <joe at throwingdice.com> wrote:

> At 01:15 PM 4/1/2010, Vincent Furia wrote:
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>> Tony,
>> I like the idea of having the client do the work. But what happens if the
>> client has JavaScript disabled? Will they be unable to view recurring
>> events?
>> -Vinny
> The problem with this is long lasting events and the calendar side block.
> If a recurring event is weekly on Fridays and is create January 2001, will
> that event have to be sent to the browser for every page hit if the calendar
> side block is visible? How do you filter events so you aren't sending every
> recurring event in the database to the client? (Looking at one of my yahoo
> groups, there is a weekly event that was created in 2004 that we still
> receive event notices for so don't think 10 year old events are impossible.)
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