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Sun Aug 8 11:14:46 EDT 2010

Hey Joe,

Here is my GSOC repository :

I'll be on irc today if you want me to get you up to date on the
progress/issues/etc.  You can also reach me on my gtalk,(gchat, wtvr you
wanna call it) account yankees26an at gmail dot com

On Sun, Aug 8, 2010 at 10:46 AM, Joe Mucchiello <jmucchiello at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Oh, the original discussion on the list had said it would go into the
> version
> before GSOC ended and then it would be available for both the GSOC students
> and
> external devs. That way if there were any problems discovered in the field,
> they
> could be fixed before 1.8. I'm just hoping the 2nd patch I made (4/11) is
> being
> used as it is superior to the first patch.
> And as I asked, how did GSOC go? When it started there were supposed to be
> weekly progress reports. Were there? I had thought they were going to be
> public.
> Oh well.
>  Joe
> On 8/8/2010 9:01 AM, Randy Kolenko wrote:
> Joe,
> >
> >The Socnet project uses your patch to core.  However that will only be
> >rolled in when Socnet is ready to go.
> >
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