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Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Sat Aug 28 11:40:48 EDT 2010

>From the discussion here about changing the forums around


While I don't see this as an instant fix for more community involvement I do
see it as a small step in the right direction. I like most of 1ynx
suggestions (see below) but I would suggest adding

Google Summer of Code
- GSOC 2010
- GSOC 2011 (would be added if we get accepted next year)

after Development and Coding and maybe changing Development and Coding too

Development & Coding (previously Developers Only)
- GL 1.7 
- GL 1.8
- GL 1.9 (would be added once 1.7 released) 

Does anyone else like this suggestion or have any of their own about how the
forums should be setup?


1ynx suggested forum Layout

General Discussions
- General Geeklog Discussions: General discussion about anything related to
- You and your sites: Introduce yourself and/or show off your Geeklog site.
(Previously My Geeklog Site)
- Geeklog related sites: Post sites related to Geeklog. (Previously Sites)
- Off-topic: Post anything, news, jokes, anything unrelated to Geeklog
- Feedback: Give feedback or post suggestions. (same as Feedback)

- General support: (combining General Help and Installation, I personally
think they should be in one place since installation trouble is usually
something simple)
- Plugin support (Previously Plugin Help)
- Theming support (previously Themes)
- Documentation, Tips & Tricks: Post instructions, tips and tricks for
beginners. (non wiki related, or maybe a sticky topic pointing to the wiki
for beginners)

- Plugins
- PHP Blocks
- Cool Hacks

Development & Coding (previously Developers Only)
- GL 1.x (maybe expand this a little into e.g. Core code, Plugins,
Templating, etc. making it a place where everyone can ask development or
code related questions?)
- GL 2.x (shouldn't this one be dropped or put into an archive?)

International Support & Translations
- List of a bunch of languages other then English, e.g. Dutch, French,
Japanese, Chinese, German, etc.

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