[geeklog-devel] The Slogan which is a Claim

Sean Clark sc1245 at messiah.edu
Mon Feb 8 21:39:02 EST 2010

One concept my marketing professors have emphasized is to describe what benefits a product brings to a user, rather than just what the product is. For example, a car commercial would be better if it emphasized a car's safety, rather than the triple-suspension-anti-locking mechanism that a consumer would find incomprehensible.

So something like "The Secure Open Source CMS" is descriptive, but isn't very memorable and doesn't directly tell a user what benefits this brings them (unless they have a fetish for open source).

So just to throw out a few paraphrases that suggest benefits, what about something similar to "The No Hassle, No Risk, No Cost CMS", or "The Safer Way to Manage Your Content", or "The Safer CMS"?

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