[geeklog-devel] The Slogan which is a Claim

Markus 1000ideen at gmx.de
Tue Feb 9 19:25:24 EST 2010

Well, the claim ist the short thing near the logo. A good  
international example is Toyota http://www.toyota.com/ "moving forward"
Nobody really understands it but it gives you a feeling that they are  
somehow 'advanced'. Not really my taste but it shows well, what a  
claim is.

It doesn`t explain what Toyota is, that`s not the task of a claim. You  
have to have an idea that it is a car.

Then we normally have the "copy" the advertising text. This could very  
well contain some nicely formed sentences which may look like a  
'slogan' you keep in mind. (We still have a specific German problem  
with the idea of what a slogan is, normally we think it is an  
advertising sentence. The word 'claim' or 'copy' is hardly known.)

"But if we were to go with a focus on security in our slogan, we
certainly need to communicate better what it is that we're doing to keep
it secure."

Not really. That would be in the copy, the acompanying text, short  
abstract etc.

An example, I think it was Roll Royce cars several decades ago. They  
had a  headline in an ad: 'At speed xxx the only thing you hear is the  
ticking of the clock.' In those days it was a sign of pure luxury but  
you didn`t say it literally.

And a bad example, my excellent webhoster:  
http://www.webhost-united.de/ What`s his claim? Webhosting and more.  
OMG! Fried eggs and bugs, or what is this 'more'? This guy is terribly  
reliable but doesn`t transfer it at all.

-> What has to be transmitted is the feeling of security or as for me  
'reliability'. Reliability is when GL becomes insecure but one can  
rely on quick security fixes or a quick reply on the forum or a long  
term support etc. That is reliability.  

So how do you transfer reliability? The Australians say: strong as a  
brick shit house. That`s a claim, eh?


Reliability Centered
1. GeeklogCMS - reliable as a brick shit house
2. GeeklogCMS - reliability since 2001
3. GeeklogCMS - the name for reliability, since 2001
4. GeeklogCMS - call it oldfashioned - we call it reliable, since 2001
5. GeeklogCMS - if reliability is key, since 2001
6. GeeklogCMS - so sturdy, we could`t even change its name
(if we really don`t change the name then humor is a good thing)

7. GeeklogCMS - reliability built in (in connection with the image of  
the airliner on the right side http://geeklog.info/ ) Text and image  
still works fine for me.

8. GeeklogCMS - Reliability Centered - enjoy!
9. GeeklogCMS - For those who can spell Reliability


I`m still not 100% pleased because indeed the benefit for the user,  
the webmaster is not so obvious, verbally. On the other hand a  
reliability minded webmaster knows what problems other CMS can cause.

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