[geeklog-devel] The Slogan which is a Claim

Markus 1000ideen at gmx.de
Sat Feb 13 07:09:27 EST 2010

I always suggest to my graphics designer that she should make a set of  
2-4 business cards instead of one to choose. The advantage is that one  
can hand them out on different ocasions or different moods. It is a  
bit playful and also shows the ability to be flexible.

Flexibility is another important aspect of GL. There is hardly any  
other small CMS where you can change the appearance so easily.

That reminds me of Burger King and "have it your way". The BK logo (a  
burger) is so strong and selfexplanatory, it hardly needs a claim:  
Instead they have varying campaigns with "slogans". 'Feel the fire'  
was one, 'have it your way' is the current one.

So, cosidering the high value of flexibility I`d be in favour of a  
changing claim. Maybe with a colour change or logo change too?


> Also, instead of choosing one slogan, why not choose several (a bunch?) and
> rotate them on the Geeklog.net home page. Switching once an hour or once
> every 10 minutes. We could also put a bunch of slogans into a poll and ask
> our users what they think...
> -Vinny

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