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I was hoping to see the Spam-X overhaul kept on the GSOC list as having a
Moderation Option, Use Counter, etc... would be a big help. Another idea
would be to allow SPAM detection to fail more gracefully and give the user a
second chance (the moderation option may cover this though). For example a
post that fails could return basic information on why it failed (ie 2 spam
words found, only 3 links allowed in a post, etc...) and then redisplay
their post for them to edit and try again. 

I have also have had cases where I wished SPAMX treated items (stories,
comments, etc..) differently. You could have a global set of keywords,
modules and then allow for subsets if the admin wanted tighter/looser
control on particular items.

Another GSOC idea I don't want to see dropped is the Social Networking
features. I haven't had any need for this myself as of yet (except for
Facebook Connect where I hope to get more people logging into my sites) but
I can see where this feature would be a huge draw to webmasters. The problem
I think we have here is what is the big picture (which does not need to be
completed in this round of the GSOC), what do we want, and how do we divide
it up into acceptable sized projects.

So what are the basics of Social Networking? (I think Joe covered this
pretty well in one of his posts.)

1. The ability for users to request friends/accept friend requests and to be
able to create Groups of Friends.

2. Ok so now we have friends, what does a typical Geeklog webmaster want
their users to be able to do with friends?
	- Is a Wall needed like on Facebook?
	- User Blogs?
	- For Private non-email Messages?
	- Chatting
	- Sharing Photos, Videos
	- Pulling Social Networking information from other sources?
	- Geeklog Plugin Support?
	- JQUERY required?
	- etc...

3. Finally how is the stuff going to work?
	- Is it features that are integrated into the My Account with new
tabs, profile page?
	- Is it a separate plugin that may need some new plugin API calls
built into Geeklog?
	- Or is it integrated right into Geeklog?

So, we need #1 for sure and it needs to be integrated into Geeklog with
probably an additional tab in My Account to handle managing all the friends
and groups. So as specified in #2, what one or two core features does
Geeklog Admins need/want?

Anyone have any ideas?


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As a reminder: Organizations can apply for participation in GSoC 2010
from March 8 on. That's 4 weeks from now. We should have a good list of
fleshed-out project ideas by then. What we have at the moment isn't so
great, IMO ...


Thanks to those who are willing to mentor. We could use a few more
people, though. Please apply within :)

bye, Dirk


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