[geeklog-devel] GSoC 2010 is on

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon Feb 15 14:08:58 EST 2010

Tom wrote:

>I was hoping to see the Spam-X overhaul kept on the GSOC list as having a
>Moderation Option, Use Counter, etc... would be a big help.

I think the main problem with the Spam-X ideas is that they are not very
attractive as a project. It's a collection of separate ideas with "has
something to do with spam" as the only common theme.

The only thing that I'm really missing when dealing with spam every day
is the ability to share blacklists between sites. There's some spam
that, when it hits one site, will surely hit other sites, too, within a
short period of time. So that would call for something like SWOT. But
SWOT as such is too small a project for GSoC.

The other really useful thing would be to be able to hold back supposed
spam posts instead of outright deleting them. But that's tricky to
implement with the current API: Spam-X doesn't know where the post it's
checking is coming from and so couldn't stick it into a moderation
queue. That would be the caller's job. Which of course means extra work
on that end. The only other option I see here would be to define a new
API - which would then require lots of changes to use this new API.

So the "moderation queue" idea would be mostly a lot of boring work. And
again would be too small a project for GSoC.

Bundling SWOT and the moderation queue in one project doesn't really
make it any more attractive either ...

So I do see the need for some work here but I currently don't see a way
to turn this into a successful GSoC project.

bye, Dirk

P.S. The use counter is something you could easily implement in an afternoon.


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