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Joe Mucchiello joe at ThrowingDice.com
Thu Feb 18 23:08:23 EST 2010

At 03:37 PM 2/18/2010, Randy Kolenko wrote:
> > Now you do bring up something that would nice to have in core: bulk
> > email handling, queuing and throttling. But email features are useful
> > outside of social networking. There is a feature request and I think a
> > GSOC project for this as well. I've written many messages about email
> > throttling in the past.
>The messaging plugin would then be responsible for maintaining what each
>end user wants to do with messages and content -- all the while allowing
>developers to piggy-back on that functionality.

I was referring specifically to email. It is a Geeklog issue. Getting 
email notifications for someone responding to a story has nothing 
really to do with socnet. The email issue is a technical issue that 
has been talked about several times in the past few years. First, 
when Geeklog sends out an email there is no record of it anywhere. So 
if you are getting notifications for several objects, all of them 
will generate discrete emails. That is very annoying to some people. 
Second, some hosting plans limit the number of email you can send on 
an hourly and daily basis (for spam prevention purposes). So an admin 
might want to throttle how many emails are sent within a set period 
of time to avoid getting his site shutdown or paying extra fees.

As you can see, in this context, email is not a social networking 
issue. It is a core issue and calls to COM_email should be able to 
provide email queuing, bulking and throttling services as specified 
by the admin.

Joe Mucchiello
Throwing Dice Games

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