[geeklog-devel] SOCNET

Joe Mucchiello jmucchiello at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 19 16:01:25 EST 2010

Dirk wrote:
> There may even be uses for this outside of a full-blown "social" site. 
> For example, while groups can easily be mapped to departments of an 
> organization, in real life the borders are often not so clear cut. So 
> the option to allow access to "all members of the Marketing group - and 
> Bob and Jill" could come in handy. 
> So maybe don't call it a "friend" in the implementation ;-)

"Friends" are not mentioned anywhere in the core patch I've described. That would be handled by the socnet plugin.

Actually an exchange Blaine and I once had in the forums is more appropriate to "departments" at a company.

Using my proposed patch, the socnet plugin could implement friends for social networking plugins to use and a completely separate "departments" plugin could use the same core group extensions to implement what you are talking about.


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