[geeklog-devel] GSoC Student Requirements

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Wed Feb 24 14:36:56 EST 2010

Vincent Furia wrote:

>   1. A testing/development environment needs to be up and running before
>   the start of coding.

    1a. A stable release has to be published before the start of the
coding period (really this time), preferably at the start of the
Community Bonding Period.

The latter starts with the announcement of accepted students, i.e. April
26. Our plan to have bi-annual releases from now on asks for releases in
April and November. Let's make it happen.

>   2. All code needs to be kept in the repository, push's should happen at
>   LEAST weekly.


>   3. A weekly report to your mentor (and/or the Geeklog community as a
>   whole?). We discussed coming up with a formal outline for such reports. Is
>   there still interest in doing so?

+1 on making weekly reports to the mentor an actual (instead of an
implied) requirement.

Not sure about the requirement for publicity. How humiliating is it -
especially for newcomers to the open source world - to publicly admit
that you didn't reach a goal?

I think we could ask for a public status report in form of a blog post
(to be posted on geeklog.net) for every half of the program (i.e. one
before the mid-term evaluations, one after that or at the end).

Formality: If we keep it simple, maybe?
- what did you achieve over the last week?
- what did not work out as expected and why?
- what are your plans for the coming week?
- where do you think you may be facing a problem or require more time?

Something like that.

>   4. The last two weeks of coding should be reserved for "integration and
>   test" so GSoC changes can make it into the main repository.


bye, Dirk


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