[geeklog-devel] GSoC Student Requirements

Randy Kolenko Randy.Kolenko at nextide.ca
Sat Feb 27 09:35:45 EST 2010

> 1. A testing/development environment needs to be up and running before
the start of coding.

We still have someone willing to put out a VM of this?  Otherwise, I
think that having a site that is internet accessible for both the
student to develop on and the mentor to check out progress on is almost
Not sure if we can get sub-domains of Geeklog.net for the students to
use.  Secured by htaccess rules so that nothing embarrassing is shown

> 2. All code needs to be kept in the repository, push's should happen
at LEAST weekly.

Agreed 100%.  Far too often students go into the void and emerge weeks
after without much explanation.  We need to see consistent effort.

> 3. A weekly report to your mentor (and/or the Geeklog community as a
> We discussed coming up with a formal outline for such reports. Is
there still interest in doing so?

I'm not big on overly formalizing the reports.  We can wiki this up too
-- but the students should at least have 2-3 bullet points to cover off
on each report.  Such as progress this week, outstanding issues,
progress scheduled for next week.
However I think the reports MUST be done weekly at a minimum.  The
reports should be scheduled between the student and mentor and should
always be done on that day.

> 4. The last two weeks of coding should be reserved for 
> "integration and test" so GSoC changes can make it into the main

100% agreed.  I made this a requirement for socnet.  The plugin NEEDS to
be in alpha mode for sure.

> 5. ???

Pizza party?

> 6. Profit!



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