[geeklog-devel] Redirect after login

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Mon Jan 18 08:47:17 EST 2010

The only case I can think of at the moment  (which a client brought up
recently) was that if a user tried to access something they did not have
access too they would be redirected to a page (maybe a staticpage, story,
login form with a staticpage on top that contains a message) that explains
the benefits of registering on the site.


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Christian Weiske wrote:

>> Is there a situation where you would not want a login form?
>- in ajax calls
>- in case of resources other than HTML pages, i.e. downloads or images
>  (not sure if geeklog does this)

Okay, but those are special cases anyway.

I meant places like the submit form or basically any other "content"
page that you want to protect from anonymous users. Can anyone think of
a situation where you'd want to display the simple message that we have
now instead of a proper login form?

bye, Dirk


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