[geeklog-devel] PHP 4.4 vs. 4.3

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Fri Jun 11 17:18:54 EDT 2010

Am 11.06.2010 um 23:07 Uhr schrieb ṨϮⱥȵίṥʟɑ√:

> When I enabled PHP debug notices, I received alot of E_DEPRECATED from the pears classes. I bet alot of those classes will need to  be replaced/updated before you can set the cutoff at PHP5. 

The deprecated notices refer to things that will be dropped from future PHP versions. It's not a problem with any of the currently released versions.

They're annoying, I know. I'm using my own patched-up PEAR version because of that.

We should check where they are actually coming from. I seem to remember that a lot are in HTTP_Request. There's a replacement HTTP_Request2 package, but last I checked the functionality wasn't quite there. So there may already been "clean" replacements - we just need to check and adopt them.

bye, Dirk

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