[geeklog-devel] Web Application Gallery(IIS 7.0) and URL Rewriting

今駒哲子@Geeklog IvyWe komma at ivywe.co.jp
Tue Nov 2 00:15:48 EDT 2010


> Cool re: the web application. When it is complete we should publish an
> article on it.


> I haven't tried the module with a Geeklog site yet as I have always just
> used Geeklogs built in option.

Please test Geeklog Japanese Edition (for test)

(1) Install Web PI

(2)Web PI - Option

# These are Japanse Microsoft staff blog, not English.


I hope Geeklog 1.7.1, too.

> I have used URL rewriting for Joomla under IIS 7.0 (Microsoft URL Rewrite
> Module) and when you get the correct web.config file I haven't had any
> problems.

No so big problem.
I always change the mode false to true at Geeklog configuration pannel.
But some user  forget to change the mode.

bye, Ivy

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