[geeklog-devel] Geeklog Autotags Update and Tooltips

Joe Mucchiello jmucchiello at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 22 21:55:00 EST 2010

> function COM_Tooltip($text, $hoverover = '', $class = 'tt', $template =
> 'tooltip-1')
> There are many ways to do a tooltip and everyone has their favorite.
> Geeklog's tooltip will be stored in a template file so people can change
> as needed.

I would have done this through the template engine (of course). Any page 
supporting tooltips would include the tooltip template in a set_file call. Then 
you just call parse on the tooltip as needed.

// completely off the cuff
$T = new Template('.');
$T->set_file('mine', 'myfile.thtml');
$T->set_file('tooltip', COM_getTooltipFile());
$T->set_var('abc', $LANG_X['abc']);
$T->set_var('tip', $LANG_X['abctip']);
$T->parse('abctip', 'tooltip');
$T->parse('output', 'mine');

> My plan is to include 2 different looking tooltips; one that uses images
> and
> one that does not. My question is should I include a switch in the Geeklog
> Configuration -> Theme section that allows the user to switch between the
> available tooltips or just let them modify the tooltip template
> files/names on their own?

As long as you can override the tooltip template file somewhere it shouldn't be 
a problem.
> Also, once Geeklog 1.8.0 is released I will release updated versions of
> the forum and autotags plugins to take advantage of these autotag upgrades.

First, thanks for taking over the autotags plugin.
Second, are you taking over the forum plugin? Have you/the team considered 
creating a public HG repository for the forum?

Is there still time for me to do my COM_newTemplate patch? I should have it 
packaged and attached to the bugtracker in a couple days.


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