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Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Fri Apr 8 10:26:37 EDT 2011

>> Function level dependencies at least can be recoded/refactored.

Good point. So does everyone agree then I should go with


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> Adding a new document type to PLG_getDocumentationUrl  like I 
> suggested would work as well though I am not sure how many plugin 
> developers would use it.

Might be better to move the documentation into PHP and generate it using
templates. Moving the data into the language files, I think, makes it easier
to keep it up to date.

> Looking at your code again I just realized we could just scrap 
> PLG_getConfigTooltip and the configuration could just look to see if 
> the language array exists and if it does then it can use the data from it.

A function is a cleaner interface. How do you what the name of the language
array is?

I hate all variable level dependencies. Function level dependencies at least
can be recoded/refactored. Once you create a variable level dependency you
are stuck with it. That's also why I made the COM_newTemplate patch.
Ultimately, I'd like to see USER, GROUPS, CONF, PLUGINS and all the language
arrays disappear as well. It would happen soon but I think it should be a
goal, perhaps for a real Geeklog 2.0.

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