[geeklog-devel] Facebook usernames

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Apr 30 08:59:17 EDT 2011

Tom wrote:

> I am not liking all the numbers either. The OAuth class actually already
> uses USER_uniqueUsername so I just have to change one line in the Facebook
> class to use Full Name instead of the Facebook ID for the Geeklog login
> name. If a dup is found it should then call on USER_uniqueUsername to solve
> the problem.

Almost the same problem with LinkedIn, btw. It's not a number but a random-looking string. Not memorable at all.

> Does that sound find with everyone using someone's full name as their login
> name for Facebook?

I'd say a username shouldn't have spaces in it. Which is how I implemented it for LinkedIn now:


bye, Dirk

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