[geeklog-devel] Facebook usernames

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Fri Apr 29 15:15:49 EDT 2011

I am not liking all the numbers either. The OAuth class actually already
uses USER_uniqueUsername so I just have to change one line in the Facebook
class to use Full Name instead of the Facebook ID for the Geeklog login
name. If a dup is found it should then call on USER_uniqueUsername to solve
the problem.

Does that sound find with everyone using someone's full name as their login
name for Facebook?

Also I will update the upgrade script for 1.8.0 to update any remote user
that doesn't have a password with a password.


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Seeing all those numerical usernames created by people logging in with their
Facebook accounts reminded me of a somewhat buried feature:

We have a function USER_uniqueUsername, which in turn calls
CUSTOM_uniqueUsername if that exists.

So if Facebook doesn't provide us with the Facebook username, maybe we could
create a more readable Geeklog username from their full name? I could
imagine that "why is my username a number" could become a FAQ once 1.8.0 is
more widely used ...

I wouldn't want to hard-code such a fix in USER_uniqueUsername but we could
provide sample code in CUSTOM_uniqueUsername that people could then just
activate when needed.


bye, Dirk

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