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Buddhika Chandradeepa Kurera bckurera at fossuser.lk
Mon Dec 26 05:48:28 EST 2011

Hello Folks,

Regarding Dynamic Feeds Implementation;

I have studied the code behind the syndication and the rest and came up
with the following idea.

I am trying to generate dynamic feeds by querying the story table based on
the demand from the requester. (Eg: access controllers, format )
* First check with syndication whether requested feed is enabled or not. If
enabled, proceed and not enabled return an error.
* Once a feed is requested and if it is not in the database, the feed is
created and stored in the table for feeds.
* Once a feed is requested and it is in the database, the feed is checked
whether it is uptodate with the story table using kind of last-modified
flag system.
* If it is upto-date retrive the feed or modify it and retrive it. The
modified feed relaces the existing feed in the table.
(Most of the time the API should be updated to track this last-modified
flag relevant to feeds.)

I am hoping to expose one URL (like backend/feeds.php) to be contacted with
some HTTP GET parameters to notify the state of access control, type
(article, link ...etc) plus the format required.

Once the system is built will think more advanced optimized ways
of caching. Further it is possible to add capabilities to set the feeds
visibility by the writer at the time of the submission or later when
editing the story. Main parameters can be set and changed using syndication
section at the admin section.

1. Minimize system resource usage and database querying
2. Compatibility with other existing plug-ins.
3. Less modifications for the existing API.
4. Tracking last-modified flag in feeds and articles/link and others.

That is my plan, comments and ideas are welcome.



*Buddhika Chandradeepa Kurera*
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