[geeklog-devel] geeklog-devel Digest, Vol 55, Issue 7

Michael Brusletten ironmax at spacequad.com
Thu Jun 16 07:35:47 EDT 2011

Geeklog is setup correctly on the demo site.  In fact, its setup exactly as
it is in the archive as far as directory structure goes.  As for the forum
goes, version 2.7.4 and before had no issues with the structure.  So this
leads me to conclude that version 2.8.0 beta has issues in its directory

Rouslan has complete access to the site to try and figure this out.

After rereading your post below, I started over and from the 2.7.4 archived
files and database and did the upgrade.  Still ran into the problem with the
forum looking strange.  So I renamed/removed the theme/forum directory and
did a refresh on the home index and it appears that it looks good now.  So
I'm thinking that the the upgrade needs to remove the theme's forum
directory in order for this to be a sucessful upgrade.


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> Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 09:16:43 +0200
> From: cordiste <cordiste at free.fr>
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> > the center forum block, it did not have the postings listed properly
> Try to remove the forum folder from public_html/layout/yourtheme folder
> Ben
> 2011/6/15 Michael Brusletten <ironmax at spacequad.com>:
> > I wanted to make sure this got into the mailing list.
> >
> > I compiled the extension=php_mbstring.dll into php and it upgraded fine.
> > However, after going back to the index page, and looking at the center
> > block, it did not have the postings listed properly and when I clicked
> > the post, it was a blank post with nothing in it. ?I'll leave it up for
> > and you can go in and re-run the upgrade and have a look at what I've
> >
> > Michael
> >
> >
> >

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