[geeklog-devel] more GSoC project ideas

Vincent Furia vfuria at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 15:48:13 EST 2011

Maybe we should consider moving to a "real" database abstraction layer? That
would definitely be enough work for a GSOC program and it could
automatically provide support for all these lesser used database types. It
would, I hope, also make maintenance a bit easier (especially for, say,

On a similar topic, we could look at a GSOC program to change up our
template library. It's a bit silly that we still don't have compiled
templates (to the detriment of our performance). Joe's work could be used as
a basis or the student could look at implementing an existing template
library (preferably one that could be backward compatible with existing

These might both be too big for a GSOC project, but worth thinking about?

Finally, many may not remember, but years and years ago (2002 or 2003) I
pushed a big set of patches to improve page load performance. If I recall
correctly, I eliminated (through combination or caching) a bunch of SQL
queries, cleaned up PHP code (including getting rid of some recursion), and
completely rewrote the comment display code. Doing something similar again
today as a GSOC project could be beneficial to Geeklog. I hadn't brought
this up before because this is an awfully non-specific task. I'm not sure it
will fit well all that well into GSOC project. Any thoughts?


On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 13:19, Dirk Haun <dirk at haun-online.de> wrote:

> Rouslan Placella wrote:
> > More ideas:
> >
> > * Add support for SQLite databases (self-explanatory).
> We talked about this on IRC - not sure if adding even more DB engines that
> hardly anyone uses is buying us anything at this point.
> But I dug out a somewhat related idea: Add support for MySQLi
> http://php.net/manual/en/book.mysqli.php
> Does anyone know more about MySQLi? From my understanding, it's a more
> modern API for MySQL. This could be interesting from a performance point of
> view. No idea if it's enough to make a full GSoC project, but it's probably
> a bit of work in any case.
> bye, Dirk
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