[geeklog-devel] more GSoC project ideas

Joe Mucchiello jmucchiello at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 4 10:14:02 EST 2011

>>> Or you could just ask me to write it. Ben said he was going to put in

Shortly after I mailed it I went "Ben? No, Tom, Arrgggh" But I figured you two 
would figure it out. :-)

> Hey Joe, I was still planning to put it in. You mentioned that you were
> probably not going to start until this spring so I was going to wait until
> you started.

I have it started. I'm writing it somewhat test-driven to make sure there are 
tests when I'm done. But I'd still like to see the patch made before 1.8 so that 
plugins can be adapted to the COM_newTemplate function.

> I would like to start to keep more on top of patches. If they make sense,
> Move Geeklog forward and are complete I have no problem adding them in.
> (If
> it is a major change obviously it should be discussed on the mailing list)

Once the socnet patch is made I'll see if there's anything else in lib-security 
to patch to remove redundant SQL.

>>>Want to reduce Geeklog's memory footprint? Compartmentalize the core
> functions:
> That seems like a good way to do it. The problem is getting someone to sit
> down to do maintenance stuff like this :-)

I'd do it if I thought it would be committed. The problem with me doing it is 
"nightly" can be a stable for weeks and then gets a flurry of hits. Depending on 
when the patch is uploaded, merging can be easy or hard.

Here's my short list of projects like this that I'd love to tackle:
* Split lib-common into a small bootstrap (loads everything, common stuff like 
COM_isAnonUser, COM_getUserName) file and lib-html (block stuff, header/footer, 
* add defines to core functionality to reduce memory footprint
* Create a SEARCH_newResponder function that currently would return "new 
plugin". Then next version rename the plugin.class.php plugin class to 
"search_object" or "plugin_search" or "searcher" anything but plugin
* Move $LANG* into functions: Normal: LANG('core1',23), With positional 
substitution: LANG('plg','wrong_ver','1.7.1',$plugin_version)

The latter two I haven't really started.


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