[geeklog-devel] Feature Freeze for 1.8.0

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Sun Mar 13 10:44:53 EDT 2011


Friday sounds good if that is fine with everyone else.


>>So what made it in? There are 33 "Patches" sitting in "Feedback". They
won't make it. The Socnet patch I made last April is still merely
"assigned". I'd like to be able to code against those change in core
Geeklog. Still waiting.

We may get some bug patches in but I know I have enough on my plate at the
moment (time wise) that I do not want to be responsible for any further new
features in 1.8.0.

That being said I know you wanted your (and I do too) your patch in for
"Want an overridable COM_newTemplate function"


If you can update your patch against the current repository and make sure
all the core plugins are included then I could apply it. Also if you could
keep an eye on any bugs that get reported that the patch could be
responsible for (and include fixes) that would be great.  Do you think you
will be able to have the patch to me before Friday?

Regarding the SOCNET patch "Core support of user owned groups desired":


As far as I know the SOCNET plugin has had no work done on it since last
summer. Therefore I had assumed we wouldn't apply the patch until it got
picked up again or someone else needed it. Do you have plans to use it in
something else? If others agree and it is needed this patch could get
applied but I assume it will need some updating as well. i.e. I am not sure
if the patch includes the new table changes in the Geeklog install and
upgrade scripts.


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Rouslan Placella wrote:

> I agree that the notice is a bit short. I was hoping for a week since 
> I still have to check in the new modified professional_css theme and 
> resolve Feature Request #0001288, which will require a small tweak to 
> the new version control feature in the plugin autoinstall.

Right, it's an arbitrary date. I just wanted to draw a line somewhere, to
avoid further feature creep.

Tom also seems to be struggling with some issues. Let's move it some more
days. How about Friday?

Btw, what's the plan for professional_css? I thought we would not ship that
with 1.8.0, at least not bundled with it. Instead, install it on geeklog.net
as an alternative theme to get some more feedback, and possibly offer it as
a separate download (which could be a bit of a pain as long as it is work in
progress). Tom?

bye, Dirk

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