[geeklog-devel] Geeklog Topics, Blocks and Stories

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Wed Nov 30 10:45:29 EST 2011

Hi All,

It is a little later than I wanted but I just pushed the latest change which
allows a story to have more than one topic.

Things that do not work properly at the moment include syndication and daily
digest. I just realized while working on the Daily Digest that I need to
work from an anonymous point of view of the topic tree and not the current
user when creating the rss file. Daily Digest has a similar issue where the
topic tree can be different for each user.  I hope to have this fixed in a

Stuff I still need to do include depreciating the functions listed below and
moving them to the topic library using TOPIC_functionName as their new

As well as cleanup the libraries for Topics and Blocks.

The follow Interface Updates are still needed (but not required for things
to work) which I still plan on doing:
- Content Syndication edit form
- My Account Page -> Content Tab -> Exclude Topics and Daily Digest Options

I also plan on adding the topic selection to staticpages .

And finally the Topic Admin list and edit form should get some sort of
interface upgrade (any takers?).

So to date Geeklog 1.9.0 has a number of new features. This includes child
topics, blocks assigned to multiple topics, and stories assigned to multiple
topics. With these changes I have had to update a large number of Geeklogs
features. I have tested things a fair bit but I know there are still lots of
bugs to be found. With that in mind I have kept track of all the things that
were affected by my changes that need to be retested to make sure they work
as expected.

To Test

- Geeklog Fresh Install
- Geeklog Upgrade (Migration of Blocks, Topics and Stories)

- Everything below needs testing in one Language and multiple Language
- Watch Permissions. To edit, a user needs edit access to the story as well
as ALL TOPICS the story belongs too.

- Directory
	- View All and selected topics
- Topics
	- How all parts of Geeklog works with no topics
	- Permissions
	- Config Options
	- Edit, View, Delete
	- Hidden Topics
	- Inherited Topics
	- Archive Topic
	- Excluded Topics (by User)
	- Email Topics
- Blocks
	- Permissions
	- Edit, View, Delete
	- Inherited Blocks
- Stories
	- Permissions
	- Edit, View, Delete
	- Inherited Stories
	- Featured Stories in Topic and on Homepage
	- Archive Stories
	- Whats New Block
	- Older Stuff Block
	- Trackbacks
	- Admin Lists
	- Email Story
- Story Submissons
	- Submit, Edit, View, Approve, Delete
	- Submission list (For Draft Stories as well)
- Comments
	- Post, View and Edit Story Comments
	- Whats New Block
- Feeds
	- Article Content Syndication
- Users
	- Excluded Topics 
- Daily Digest
- Search
	- Topics

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