[geeklog-devel] Geeklog Topics

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Thu Oct 13 15:02:40 EDT 2011

Just got a chance to poke around a bit, so here are some quick observations:

I promptly ran into an error in the old forum plugin (forgot the details, but it did involve "tid") when trying to migrate a geeklog.net backup to my local test setup. So this is one example of a plugin that we need to tell people about (I assume the new forum plugin will have addressed that by the time 1.9.0 is out).

I get an SQL error when calling up directory.php. There's an empty IN() in the SQL here:

"SELECT b.*,UNIX_TIMESTAMP(rdfupdated) AS date FROM blocks b, topic_assignments ta WHERE ta.type = 'block' AND ta.id = bid AND is_enabled = 1 AND onleft = 1 AND (ta.tid IN() AND (ta.inherit = 1 OR (ta.inherit = 0 AND ta.tid = 'all')) OR ta.tid = 'all') ORDER BY blockorder,title ASC"

which comes from line 3608ff in lib-common.php:

if(!empty($topic)) {
        // Retrieve list of inherited topics
        $tid_list = TOPIC_getChildList($topic);

I guess the $tid_list is empty.

Do you plan to redesign the admin's list of topics, too? Now that we have subtopics, there should be a way to see that relationship (like with categories in the Links plugin). There's an old feature request for this:

Playing with the security aspect of subtopics, I get the same SQL error as above like so:


Then make "Subtopic" not accessible for Anonymous users and try to call up the URL of a story in "Subsubtopic".

I don't understand the code enough yet to know whether an empty $tid_list is already a problem - or if it's allowed and the code just has to check for it.

bye, Dirk

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