[geeklog-devel] Geeklog Topics and Blocks

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
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Yeah I know it is not an ideal solution (that's why I started the
conversation) but I believe it is better than adding single use columns on a
table that will only be used by certain types. Unless someone else can point
to a better solution I think I will stick with it.




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> I have dropped the feature column (for articles) in favour of a multi-use
> column called value. This way articles can use the column to signify a
> featured story and blocks can use it to signify all or homepage only (this
> would leave the tid field blank). Plus it could be used by other plugins
> if needed.


Value is a weak sol ution. While I realize that type mitigates "fights" over
what goes into value (the owner of type decides what goes in value),
filtering on value is going to be a pain if you need to store more than one
logical "field" in value. No, I don't have a better solution. But I just
wanted to point out the pitfalls of the opaque "value" field.

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