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Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Fri Apr 12 19:51:24 EDT 2013

Okay I have updated the Categories and Forums on Geeklog.net.

I left of the GSOC forum since we did not get in this year. We can always
add it later

I have yet to merge the forums GL 1.x with GL 2 (into just Geeklog) and the
forums General Support and Installations. Once this is done I can't undo
(except with a backup) so I want to make sure this is what we want to do.
In my opinion we should merge them but I could see leaving General Support
and Installations as separate if enough people agree.

With the International Support & Translations Category I added a few
language forums. What I was hoping for was some volunteer moderators for
each forum that can speak the language. I would also request a sticky topic
get added to each in the correct language which talks about Geeklog support
and with a link pointing to the appropriate Geeklog support site (ie French
would be Geeklog.fr). For some reason I couldn't post in Japanese on the
Japanese forum but I have a feeling that is an issue with the collation of
the db tables.

Finally this point is more for the forum developers. I had problems added
forums to Categories that had a space in their name on Geeklog.net. I can't
reproduce this on my own setup (using IIS) so I created a bug report for it.
It must either be a webserver issue (IIS vs Apache) or a PHP version issue.


If someone could test this on their Apache webserver I would appreciate it
and you can leave a comment in the bug report about your findings.



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Can those interested take a look at the Geeklog.net redesign wiki page:


and review the new forum layout for Categories and Forums that was decided
on a while ago.

I have updated the forum plugin code on Geeklog.net and I plan on making
these changes in the next week or so if everyone still agrees.

The only thing that I see that we still need to figure out is the GL 1.x and
GL 2 Forums which currently are found under the Developers Only category.
There is a new category called Development & Coding and I am wondering if GL
1.x should be renamed to Geeklog and if possible we merge both forums (GL
1.x and GL 2) together. 



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