[geeklog-devel] Template market site, was: Spam post at Geeklog

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Fri Feb 22 12:27:19 EST 2013

>> - Can anyone think of any potential licensing problems?

Not really but then I am no expert.

>> - What do people think of this?

It doesn't bug me, I am not sure who would use it at this point though.  

On a related note, after Geeklog 2.0.0 is out the door, forum is updated,
etc.. and I start working on the redesign a bit I would like to promote more
theme development within the community.  Visual appealing themes go a long
way in promoting the CMS it is for.


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This (see below) got caught in the spam filter. Just wanted to check:

- What do people think of this?
- Can anyone think of any potential licensing problems?

I know that, for example, the Wordpress people had some fights over
commercial templates vs. the GPL. Our themes are mostly HTML and CSS (i.e.
not code, so no GPL there), except for a tiny snippet of PHP code in

Personally, I'm not opposed to the idea of commercial themes. Just wanted to
check what others think and also that we don't have any potential problems
lurking here (like we have with commercial plugins).

bye, Dirk

> Von: Geeklog <contact-us at lists.geeklog.net>
> Betreff: Spam post at Geeklog
> Datum: 22. Februar 2013 2:18:27 Uhr MEZ
> A new spam post has been submitted at "Geeklog"
> User UID: "1 at"
> Content:"Premium Themes for Geeklog
> Hello guys,
> I am excited to inform You that we've added Geeklog to the list of the
content management systems for which people can buy and sell web design
themes @ our template marketplace templamatic.com/templates/geeklog.
> Please let me know if you could support enthusiastic web developers with a
link or a banner pointing to templamatic.com/templates/geeklog. Let me
assure You that this extra opportunity to earn some extra money will boost
interest of the website development community in your product.
> You can also implement affiliate ID into the banner links to earn 40%
commission of the template sales. To become an affiliate you just need to
register @ Templamatic.com
> Feel free to contact me for more detailed info or any business idea
> -- 
> Alexander,
> http://www.linkedin.com/in/kandakov"


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