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Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Mon Feb 25 20:14:51 EST 2013

To get the conversation started of the GSOC projects listed I think the
following 3 would offer the most benefits to Geeklog.

Core Notification Service
Template Engine Upgrade
Provide PHP Session Handling


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Quoting Tom <websitemaster at cogeco.net>:

> So is everyone up for trying out again this year?

I think we should certainly apply again.

So, can everyone (not just potential mentors) please review what we have on
our GSoC page on the wiki:


Please check if the proposed projects are still relevant or if they need to
be updated with regards to new features or changes in Geeklog 2.0.0. Also
feel free to propose new projects. For this, you can use


as a starting point (there are some good ideas there that would need to be
expanded upon to make them into fully fleshed out proposals).

In general, we are looking for projects that

- add useful, possibly often-asked for features to Geeklog
- will keep a student busy for 3 months
- are doable by someone new to the project
- have a good chance to be done and integrated(!) by the end of GSoC

Given our lack of integration of previous successful GSoC projects, I think
the last point is very important and something that we should try and
enforce this year. Being integrated into the then-current Geeklog version
should be part of it being considered a success.

I think we should be aiming for 3 or 4 slots, i.e. student projects (should
we be accepted). So we need at least 3 mentors and as many co-mentors. I'll
volunteer to take on the admin role again, but would need a co-admin. Anyone
up for this?

There have been a few minor changes to the program this year. I'll have
another look, but the most obvious change is that everything happens a month
later this year. Please take this into account when applying for any role.

Anything else we need to consider?

bye, Dirk


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